Instalatii florale decorativeFairytale wedding at Nevermore Academy

Fairytale wedding at Nevermore Academy

Who would have thought that the mysterious Nevermore Academy could be the perfect place for a fairytale wedding?!

Well, let me show you how we made this possible.

a hidden gem in the middle of the mountains

Nevermore Academy from Tim Burton’s ‘Wednesday’ is a real place – and you can visit it”, says Phil de Semlyen from TimeOut.com

Truer words were never spoken.

Cantacuzino Castle, a 20th century castle, is located in Bușteni, Romania, rising up like a sparkling gem in the middle of the Carpathian Mountains.

It was built in 1911 by one of the wealthiest men (perhaps the richest one!) in Romania, called Gheorghe Grigore Cantacuzino. He was of artistocratic descent, born into a family of Phanariote origins, and had a long political career, serving as Prime Minister of Romania twice in his lifetime.

He was so rich that he once said he could pave the entire courtyard of the castle with gold coins. Maybe only his modesty prevented him from doing so 🙂

image 1
historical photos of the Palace (source: Cantacuzinocastle.com)

Now let’s go back to weddings and fairytales, our favorite topic!

Let’s have a look at these magical photos taken at Cantacuzino, depicting a lovely wedding we had the immense pleasure to do the floral design for. This event was also published in Wedding Sparrow, the international magazine for weddings and special events.

We are so glad to show you another face of Nevermore Academy. A more soft, dreamy and romantic one.

Our bride and groom, although both Romanians, live in Germany, but chose Cantacuzino Palace as the perfect place for their wedding.

The view from the courtyard, overlooking the mountains in a breathtaking scenery, is simply outstanding and remains in your mind for a long time.

Now tell me:

What can be more beautiful than…

… having the ceremony in the fresh air of the garden, with the mountains in front of you, the love of your life by your side and all your dear ones near you, basking in the sunshine?

romantic castle wedding inspiration floral design inspiratie nunta castel cantacuzino
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inspiratie nunta castel cantacuzino design floral destination wedding castle romania europe nevermore academy

After the ceremony, our bride and groom spent some moments enjoying the beautifully decorated castle stairs.

They also used this space as a photo corner, creating long-lasting memories with their wedding guests.

A few words about the floral installation. In fact, we will use only 3 to describe it: romantic, graceful and sustainable.

wedding floral  installationa Cantacuzino Castle wedding destination nevermore Academy
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The interior of the castle is a wonderful reflection of the Romantic style, much used in interior design at the beginning of the 20th century.

You can find here exquisite Murano stained glass windows, mural paintings made by Venetian artists, carved oak doors and ceilings, Carrara marble stairs and Italian glazed pottery.

floral table decor castle wedding inspiratie decor floral mese aranjamente florale cantacuzino
destination wedding at nevermore academy cantacuzino romania floral arrangement
Nunta-la-Castelul-Cantacuzino-DESTINATION-WEDDING-romania nevermore academy floral arrangements

We would also like to share with you a few images from a beautiful photo shooting that took place right on the balcony of the palace (or should I say the Nevermore Academy balcony?).

This shooting was simply spectacular, a masterful combination between the natural beauty of the flowers, the exquisite architecture, our gorgeous bride and groom and the breathtaking mountain view…

destination wedding nevermore academy cantacuzino castle romania sedinta foto nunta inspiratie castel
sedinta foto nunta la Castel Cantacuzino Romania wedding destination romantic inspiration nevermore Academy
sedinta foto castel Cantacuzino aranjamente florale inspiratie nunta wedding inspiration bridal foto session castle wedding

So what do you think now, is it possible to have a fairytale wedding at Nevermore Academy?

I hope you will say yes.. 🙂

Not sure if a fairytale wedding is what Wednesday would like, but who knows… everyone can change their mind in this lifetime 🙂

But coming back from fantasy land, we just wanted to say that Cantacuzino Castle is one of our favorite wedding venues in Romania.

As florists, we see so much potential in the castle’s architecture, it gives us such an inspirational vibe that we cannot help but create Art and Beauty.

And if you ever decide to get married in such a fairytale castle, or perhaps are planning an elopement (so romantic!), we would be more than happy to join you on this journey with our beautiful (and always sustainable) flowers. Drop us a message at hello@florisauvage.ro and we can take it from there.

I’m curious if you enjoyed discovering this side of Nevermore Academy. Leave your thoughts in the comment section below.




Photo credits : @Ioana Porav

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